Semi-automatic type CW

  • According to preference the carpet winder can be laid out for feeding pile down or pile up. Irrespective of the feeding the winding direction pile in/pile out is optional.
  • Driven nip rollers automatically feed the carpet from the cross cutting unit to the winding rollers.
  • The electrically driven cross cutting unit has two rotating knives.
  • The tiltable roller path with driven rollers guides the carpet up between the winding rollers. When the roller path is at its bottom position, any seams and possible faults can be projected out on the floor in front of the operator.
  • Rubber-covered winding rollers, diameter approx. 320 mm, with separate DC drive and infinitely variable adjustment of the speed difference.
  • Electronic pre-set counter with calibration possibility for the correct roll length.
  • Pneumatic roll ejection by lifting the rear winding roller.
  • Flexible and reliable PLC, with the control panel placed on the machine.
  • At request type CW can be supplied prepared for later rebuilding to our fully automatic type SCW.