Through-flow dryer

CROSS-AIR II represents 2nd generation of our through-flow dryer. Being the result of continuous search for perfection, we are up-front in drying technology. With CROSS-AIR II we focus on the pile quality.

  • Combining low drying temperature and homogeneous airflow, CROSS-AIR II offers you the ultimate cost-benefit solution: extremely gentle to the pile – low energy consumption!
  • The exact control of the drying temperature and the airflow totally prevent pile damage. Uniform drying across the width of the carpet is ensured by locating the heating source on both sides of the carpet. Perforated nozzle plates deliver the heated air directly over the pile.
  • CROSS-AIR II can be equipped with separately driven supporting and exit rollers or, in case of sensitive carpets, with a conveyor belt gently supporting the carpet through the dryer.
  • The supporting rollers can operate as a bow straightener. Furthermore, the speed can be set individually on each side of the stenter in order to eliminate skews. These facilities eliminate weft distortion in the carpet during the drying process and can be automatically controlled by an optical scanning system.
  • The CROSS-AIR II has an automatic carpet width control system setting each individual width spindle throughout the stenter.