Reverse roller applicator

  • Machine frame of welded sectional steel.
  • In and outlet rollers as well as necessary reversing rollers.
  • Lick roller, diameter approx. 300 mm, of thick-walled steel tube which is turned, ground and hard-chromium-plated.
  • The roller has a separate drive.
  • The speed of the roller can be fine-adjusted in order to obtain an accurate application rate.
  • Latex trough of stainless steel with outlet branch placed on the right side.
  • The trough can be pushed out to simplify cleaning of both the trough and the lick roller.
  • Replaceable doctor blade mounted on a beam of sectional steel.
  • Possibility of adjusting the height and the angle of the doctor blade.
  • Scale indication of the current position for repetitive accuracy.
  • Two contact rollers, one prior to and one after the lick roller. Both can be adjusted vertically to achieve the quantity and penetration of latex required.
  • Scale indication of the current position for repetitive accuracy.
  • The rollers are activated pneumatically and raised automatically in case of line stop in order that the carpet is free of the lick roller.
  • Automatic selvedge levers with photoelectric edge scanning so that the levers always follow the carpet selvedges and keep them free from the lick roller.
  • Automatic level control by means of ultrasonic scanners to set the maximum and minimum level in the latex trough.
  • Separate control panel with the following operating elements:
    1. Main switch
    2. Start/stop of line
    3. Raise of contact rollers
    4. Automatic/manual control of selvedge levers
    5. On/off automatic level control