Impregnating unit

The unit is constructed with three rollers and used for full-bath impregnation of nonwovens and similar products.

  • Machine frame of heavy-duty sectional steel finished with anticorrosive paint.
  • The top roller is fixed. The bottom roller can be moved up and down by means of two hydraulic cylinders. The distance between the two rollers is approx. 50 mm. Both rollers are covered with a 15 mm thick rubber covering of 85° Shore.
  • The middle roller is made of stainless steel and suspended in two movable arms.
  • The roller pressure is adjustable up to 25 tons.
  • Pressure accumulators are built into the hydraulic system in order to avoid an uncontrolled roller pressure when seams are passing.
  • A roller of stainless steel is mounted in the trough containing the impregnation agent.
  • The roller bearings are mounted in guideways.
  • By means of two hydraulic cylinders the roller can be raised from the dipping bath. Consequently, it can be avoided that the pre-runner touches the impregnation agent.
  • Optional choice between electric or hydraulic drive.
  • By means of a tension regulating roller the impregnating unit can always be synchronised with the following machines.
  • The tension regulating roller is used for automatic speed adjustment and ensures a constant carpet tension.