Foamgard system

The Foamgard system is an efficient system for application of foamed fluorcarbonates (soil and stain repellent chemicals) onto the pile side of carpets.

The carpet is transported through the foam applicator with its pile side down. The carpet lies freely on the applicator and is guided by a counter-pressure roller positioned above in order to avoid it being lifted by the foam pressure.

  • The Foamgard system consists of a foam application unit and a mixer series CM.
  • The foam applicator unit requires only very little space and can be installed in existing lines.
  • The applicator ensures an exact and uniform application.
  • The mixer series CM will be synchronised with the line speed so that its production quantity will be automatically adapted to the speed of the line.
  • The automatic mixer – series CM – is designed for extremely light densities.
  • The mixer works very efficiently and operates with a very low amount of foaming agents.
  • As with all CAMPEN mixers the density and output are controlled by a computer.
  • The control system consist of a Siemens PLC and a Siemens display with keyboard.
  • The display gives the following information:
    • Output in g/m²
    • Foam density in g/l
    • Speed, mixer head – r.p.m.