Foam applicator

  The unit is designed for a horizontal material through-pass with two-sided foam application.

  • Framework of sectional steel.
  • Traversing, double foam distributing nozzle system, pneumatically driven.
    Adjustable speed as well as adjustable limit switches to set the application width in relation to the material width.
  • Manually adjustable edge limit posts made of polycarbonate.
  • Coating head consisting of two driven, jacket-cooled rollers made of stainless steel, ground and hard-chromium-plated.
    Linear pressure: 10 kN/m.
    Diameter approx. 450 mm with an accuracy better than 5/100 mm.
    Both rollers have a smooth surface to give a better penetration of the binder.
    Coolant: Water.
  • One roller is fixed, and the other is movable by means of two pneumatic cylinders, diameter 160 mm.
    By means of a handwheel and a micrometer it is possible to adjust the gap within very fine tolerances.
    Readout in 1/10 mm.
    Max. gap width: 50 mm.
  • Oscillating scraper blade system for cleaning the roller surface.
  • Two trays of stainless steel underneath the foam applicator including hose connection for recycling of the liquid.
  • Underneath the two coating rollers a movable, stainless steel roller is mounted to adjust the contact angle.