Automatic mixer

The rate of foam from the mixer is automatically controlled in relation to the speed of the running material.
Unique measuring system ensuring a constant foam weight irrespective of changes in the speed of the running material.
Colour and other additives can be added to the foam.
Automatic dosing and measurement of colour and additive quantities.
Easy operation of the mixer with possibility of recipes.

  • To be used for foaming of natural/artificial latex or adhesive.
  • The supply of air, latex compound and/or dosing additives are continuously measured and the flow rates are adjusted automatically.
  • The density of the latex compound is measured before the foaming process. Consequently, the pre-set values in g/m² or kg/h as well as the foam weight required are kept constant irrespective of possible deviations in the material speed or output of the mixer.
  • Continuous monitoring of the latex compound consumption in relation to the number of produced square metres.
  • Made of stainless steel, very resistant and minimal degree of maintenance for operation.
  • Optional equipment:
    Up to three dosing pumps for gelling agents, dyestuff etc. can be integrated
    Remote control
    Integrated software for automatic foam volume control
    Sequence control of up to 99 recipes