Drying of needle felt or tufted carpets after back coating with foam or secondary backing.

  • Modular framework of sectional steel with incorporated fan wheels and horizontal fan shaft.
  • Side, top and bottom cladding panels with incorporated thick glass wool insulation.
  • Two doors for access on each side for servicing.
  • Specially designed, double nozzles – slot type – for an exact air distribution.
  • Bottom nozzles with cushion effect to give the “float on air” effect.
  • The nozzles are almost self-cleaning.
  • The nozzles can be lowered (raised) individually for periodical check.
  • The full split-zone system, i.e. separate air circulation and temperature control in the top and bottom chambers, ensures an extremely high temperature difference above and below the carpet.
  • Removable air filter – which can be cleaned during operation – for each fan.
  • Complete gas burner equipment according to the local safety regulations.
  • Damper regulation of fresh-air intake, separately at the top/bottom.
  • Each gas burner is complete with gas safety ramp and separate temperature control system.
  • Buffer zones (air curtains) at the entry and exit of the dryer. With air ducting and connection for the central exhaust system.