Packaging machine

Fully automatic plastic film wrapping unit for PE film, type CPP 5000, by means of welding techniques only.

  • The 2500 mm wide plastic film is pulled out from the plastic film roll by means of pneumatic fingers.
  • The preselected plastic film length is pulled out, after which cross cutting takes place. Subsequently, the cut off plastic film piece is placed in the middle of the machine.
  • This piece of plastic film is now – on the long side – welded together with the previous piece whereby it is possible to achieve a plastic film width of e.g. 5000 mm.
  • Subsequently, it is transported vertically down to the seam scrap take-off roller right in front of the two horizontal welding beams. The wound carpet roll is transported from the winder to the plastic film wrapping unit by means of a conveyor belt. Width slit carpet rolls can be separated on this conveyor belt prior to wrapping. When the roll has been conveyed into the plastic film wrapping unit, the lifting table after the welding beams is lowered to position roll centre line at the lower welding beam.
  • The upper welding beam is lowered, and the welding sequence takes place making a double seam. The plastic film is cut between the two seams, and consequently a seam of approx. 10 mm size can be seen on the outside of the wrapped roll. The lifting table moves to ejection position, and the wrapped carpet roll is tilted out onto the floor or onto an existing conveyor belt for either manual or automatic closing of the two ends with the protruding plastic film.
  • The wrapping cycle is fully automatic, controlled by a PLC.